Velhorod, the City of Eons


There is no city like it, anywhere. Velhorod is The City. It always has been. It always shall be. Built a thousand times over, sunk in cataclysms, recreated in upheavals, made and remade, Velhorod has persisted longer than even the races of men and beast. In its foundations, you can find cthonian walls older than the stars.

Many live there without ever leaving. Live there long enough, it’s hard to believe anywhere ever exists. From the goblin-infested Underarch to the bustling White Market, from the Canal District to the Mountain of the Dead, Velhorod is a place of wonder and danger, and it sits on the corpses of a dozen empires before it.

There may be many cities in the world… but only one is The City. With its dialects, endless politics, unending maneuvers, frightening depths, unspeakable undercurrents. Sometimes taken, but never conquered.

This is Velhorod. Sink or swim. It’s your choice, scrib.

The Endless City Awaits

Velhorod is the king of all urban landscapes. Built into cliffs, over bays. It runs from high and low on the massive peninsula it has built over, overrun and stretched out from. Its residents are too many to count, and include a dozen races. Districts may as well be nations, with their dialects and disparities.

Who controls Velhorod? Few are bold enough to make a claim to control such a place. The Patricians have their mansions in the Grey District. The Guardians man the walls and march in their spears and armor. The Vigilant walk the streets and haul those convicted by the Masked Ones to Highfang Prison; or take them to the Pit of Souls if their crimes demand it. The Goblin Ganggob runs its games in Underarch. The Collegia’s goons and masters make their way through the White Market. But no one really controls it. The Mystery Cults pursue their own ends.

Not that some don’t dream. But that’s all they ever are. Dreams. Velhorod rules itself. Everyone else, has to figure out to live there.

Author’s note

This setting is willfully fictional. It is a vision of an endless fantasy city, full of improbable situations and incredible sights, running the gamut from glorious wonder to urban decay. It’s meant to be fun, where players run into everything from corrupt nobles to vigilant officers of the peace, dwarven bankers to goblin organized crime.

Don’t trouble yourself with how such a big city sustains itself. Or why it exists. It does. Velhorod simply is. Enjoy it.

Velhorod, the City of Eons