The Mists

Is it a portal? No, I do not think so. It is like the edges of the world as we know it fade in that fog, fade into nothingness, where all things that are shall be, where dreams and far-off wonders are made real. I peered into that fog, I ignored what they all said, and I saw things, oh so many beautiful terrible horrible horrible horrible…
- Ilsvar Olkun, resident, The House of the Mad


The Mists come, and the City changes. These clouds engulf the city from time to time. And things change. To wander into the fog is to risk disappearing forever. And so many things have wandered out from them – wanderers from leagues away, lost souls and ghosts, outsiders, strange men from places where the stars themselves are different. None know where the Mists come from or what their purpose is.

The Mists do not come too often. But they do not come too rarely either.

Sometimes, the Mists bring more than a few wanderers. Buildings disappear, or age into rubble, or are replaced. Entire neighborhoods appear, water and sinkholes are found where once solid ground stood. Some look into the mists and see battles from far off and long away. Others hear the cries of old lovers and lost children.

The Mists come, and the City changes.

The Mists

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